It ends with us.

Only God knows how much I’ve waited to have the chance of reading It ends with us by Colleen Hoover. And I have finally learned how to write down her name, since I heard too much “O” and “E” and “L”. No okay, stop kidding, I will be serious from now.


I thought it would take me many time, but I’ve read it for two days (just because I did not want to finish it too soon). This novel left me speechless, and it’s totally worth it. It’s more than just wonderful and the writer deserves all the fame she has today, because I am sure that all her novels are masterpieces.

Turning to the It ends with us’s story, I have to say that I knew before reading it that I would be crying after the end. To be honest I did not cry, but I don’t cry often so it’s not all this surprise. All I can say is that the story took my heart and my brain and all of me. Lily, the main character, is now one of my favourites. She is so strong and capable of taking hard decisions and I love her for this, but also because she has a very  big heart. She is never selfish, she always thinks about other people’s feelings even if she lived in a difficult family. The first person she really helped was Atlas Corrigan. She met him when he was 18 years old and he was an homeless guy. He lived in the abandoned house next to Lily’s one since his parents did not want him anymore. Lily was his only friend and so it didn’t take too much for them to fall in love.

Anyway, he had to move far away from her, but with the promise to search each other for meeting again when they’d be adults. In the meantime, Lily Bloom grows up and reach her dream: to open a flower shop. She meets Ryle, a rich neurosurgeon. They are attracted for each other and they fall in love, too. I said it before, She has a very BIG heart. Meanwhile, She keeps reading the diaries she kept while she was a 15 years old girl, addressed to Ellen Degeneres. She loved her show and used to talk about her life to her any time she wanted to. And she talked her about Atlas.

Her life couldn’t be better now… but she meets again Atlas. And now? What she will do with her feeling for the two guys?

This is the point the novel is not that easy anymore, because it happens the unbelievable. It concern a very important theme, like violence against women and I appreciated how the author wanted to talk about it. She is so talented. I loved the fact that she use the diares to talk about Atlas while she is in a relationship with Ryle. Writers usually keep on writing about the two guys using alternated chapters for them. She had a brilliant idea with these journals, and her memories and feelings coming up to her mind while reading them.

I surely recommend it. It has been an incredible journey for me reading this novel, even if it took just 2 days! Loved it and waiting for it to come in Italy! Let me know what do you think about it!

Ca 🙂




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