Wilde Like Me.

Good Morning my loved readers! I am back with a new interesting review about an English novel by Louise Pentland called Wilde Like Me.


This is a new writer but you’d not say that if you didn’t know it before. This novel is well written and, in fact, it seems like Mrs. Pentland wrote other novels before this one. She created a character like Robin Wilde and then played with the surname “Wilde” and the adjective “wild” and here it is, the title of the book. She is so funny, really. I love the way she writes about a single mum with a six years old child with a lot of fantasy that learns about “putting all her shit together”.

Robin has her sad moments, when THE EMPTINESS brings her to eat and to sleep all day, accompanied by one (maybe two or more) glass of wine. But she has also happy moments with her child, and even if she doesn’t know it at the beginning of the novel, she is a good mum.

It’s not simple, I imagine, living alone and talking just to your only daughter, but when she comes to you and says ” I love you mum to the Moon and back home and back to Saturn”, I guess it’s worth it.

She has also two best friends and auntie Katie to take care of her, and surely they helped her in growing up. But if at the end of the novel we see an happy Robin, it’s just because she learnt from her past and made her future the brightest one. She is a strong woman, capable of loving like a woman, working like a man and being a great mum.

This is a novel that celebrate women and their world. I am a man, but I appreciated it and now I am sure I know more things about women’s world than before.

I am happy to say that I liked this book. At the beginning I had not this opinion, because there was a lot of emptiness and crying, and also because I am Italian and the English was not too easy. But then I succeeded in reading and I recommend this book to all of you!

I didn’t know it before I went in England, and I don’t think it has been translated in Italian. I hope it will have a better success, also because the book cover is amazing and the book is very big. So it’s very beautiful to see it on my bookshelf 😂.

I hope you enjoyed the review! Have a good day and if you already read it leave a comment below!

Ca ☺️


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